The lang team has two standing meetings. The current timing for these can be found on the lang team calendar. We generally record our public meetings and post the recordings in our YouTube playlist (along with automatically created subtitles). We also publish notes and minutes in written form in this github repository.

Triage meeting

The weekly triage meeting is when we go over the newly filed project proposals along with issues that have been nominated for lang-team feedback. We also get regular updates from the active project groups so we can stay on top of what is going on.

Triage meeting minutes are available in this directory.

Nominating an issue, PR, RFC etc for the triage meeting

You can nominate an issue/PR/RFC etc for the triage meeting by adding the T-lang and I-nominated labels. When you do so, it's best if you leave a comment explaining what kind of feedback you would like. We try to go over all nominated issues and leave a comment of some kind in response.

Design meeting

The second weekly meeting is our design meeting. The design meeting topics are used for in-depth discussions on a particular topic, often in connection with an active working group.

Proposing a topic for a design meeting

You can propose a topic for a design meeting by opening an Design meeting proposal issue on the lang-team repository. During our weekly traige meetings, we scan open issues to try and decide whether to schedule meetings in the upcoming weeks.

Design meeting minutes are available in this directory.