The lang team has two recurring weekly meeting slots:

When adjusting for other time zones, note that our meeting times follow changes in the particulars of U.S. daylight saving time.

For the design/planning meeting slot, we typically do a planning meeting on the first Wednesday of the month, then we do design meetings on each remaining Wednesday.

Our meetings are open to all those who are interested to listen.

To subscribe to the calendar of our recurring meetings, add this URL to your favorite calendaring application:

Our schedule of upcoming design meetings is tracked in a GitHub project and can be viewed here:

Each design meeting issue includes details about what we'll be discussing. After the meeting, the issue will include a link to the minutes.

Minutes for all of our recent meetings can be found here:

Periodically, we archive our meeting minutes to git:

Subteam Calendars

Some subteams of the lang team reuse the primary lang team calendar for their own calendar events, while others may choose to create a separate calendar. We'll list below the calendars of all subteams that do not use the main calendar.