Initiative liaison

The liaison for an initiative is a lang team member who is responsible for tracking its progress and giving updates to the lang team. They should also help advise the owner on how to resolve issues and when to seek the feedback of the broader lang team or other stakeholders.

The liaison and the owner cannot be the same person.


  • Mentoring the initiative owner and helping them to decide when facing difficult design decisions.
  • Preparing a summary for the monthly planning meeting documenting the decisions that were made and why.
  • Escalating important decisions to the team where appropriate for broader feedback.
  • Generally serving as a kind of "outside voice" where necessary.


  • Lang team member
  • Interest in the initiative and sufficient context to help guide (don't have to be an expert, but should be able to recognize what you don't know)

Estimated time commitment

15-30 minutes per week (regular sync meeting) and the occasional deep dive. If the liaison is spending much more time than this, then they may in fact be playing the role of owner, and that is a problem.