There are several key roles for any initiative:

  • The owner assembles the "menu" of overall solutions to the problem and helps to narrow them down to the most viable.
    • Naturally, they are encouraged to make recommendations on what they consider to be the right choice. These recommendations should include an explanation of what analysis they did on the other options that led them to this recommendation.
  • The liaison represents the lang team:
    • They guide the owner in picking from the menu. Naturally they may also make suggestions, ask questions, or request that the owner expand or explore a fresh area.
    • They identify when to involve the full team via a design meeting.
    • They keep up to date on the initiative's progress and can summarize its status for other lang team members.
  • The lang team members make the ultimate decision on what changes to accept.
    • They don't typically do the design, though of course they may make suggestions or introduce constriants that the design ought to meet (the owner can argue that these constraints are undesirable).
  • The lang team leads make the ultimate decisions on prioritiziation (which initiatives to pursue).
    • They also help resolve other disputes that fail to come to agreement

The owner and liaison are each a single person, though that person can change over time. They cannot both be the same person.