A lang team initiative is some active effort with a clear goal or deliverable. Typically initiatives are changes to the language, but they could also be documentation, specifications, or something internal to the lang team.

Proposed initiatives

You can see the currently proposed initiatives on Github.

Active initiatives

You can see the active initiatives, and their state, on the lang team project board.

Learning more about an active initiative

Each initiative has a tracking issue that describes its state in more detail along with regular updates. The tracking issue also identifies two key people for the intiative:

  • The owner, who drives the design.
  • The liaison, who synchronizes with the lang team and helps resolve thorny questions.

If you have questions, the issue also identifies the Zulip stream where conversation is taking place. If you look at the comments of the issue, you may also find requests for help or other forms of participation.

How does one propose a new initiative?

Read more in the process page!